Sunday, June 03, 2007

Do clothes make the woman?

I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money right now to buy a bunch of new clothes for my post-partum body when I know (hope) in a few months I'll have to do it again. Get? to do it again? I'm too big right now to fit into my old clothes but too small to wear my maternity clothes. I'm sick of my maternity things anyway, besides the fact that they're mostly winter items. As a SAHM I just need practical things to kick around in that look good at the grocery or the library. Something I can look nice in yet still comfortably chase down a toddler at the park. And not worry if it gets dirty. And hopefully it hides my dunlap, as in "My belly dunlapped over my belt." Call it a muffin top if you'd rather. It has only been five weeks so I'll try to be more patient. And eat less ice cream. And read this poem a few more times and laugh out loud and smile.

I'd really love to sew some things for myself like Ali has been, but I can't seem to make the time. So instead I went to the thrift store last week.

So many times when I find something cute that actually fits and is in like-new condition it has a label I've never even heard of. So I buy it, fall in love with it, Google the designer and find out that I can't afford to shop there. The sticker shock is even worse because $3.99 is the highest price on most of the items from the thrift shop. I guess in my cheapness I am doomed to a life of thrifting. Ok, so I'm being melodramatic. Actually, I just like a great bargain. I recently purchased a Royal Robins shirt, a Chaus skirt, a pair of Of the Earth hemp pants, a Christopher & Banks skirt, and a Tilt skirt. My favorite lounge pants are from Sigrid Olsen, and the only khakis that fit me right now are Nautica. This is about $300 retail worth of clothing for less than $30. Booya! I am hoping that these name brands somehow help compensate for my lack of style. I once told a niece I saw myself as "fashion illiterate". Maybe I'm getting better. At least I'm starting to care a bit more. I even watch What Not To Wear and ditch offensive items from my wardrobe. But some things I just don't get. An empire waist is one thing, but babydoll dresses? Sorry, they only look good on babies. And whose smart idea was it to bring back culottes? A style that makes even skinny little girls look fat. That was last season, I know and thank goodness. But now culottes have been replaced by the shorts suit. Ugh. Not for me, please! But I am very happy to see the lovely sundresses that are back in. Can't wait to find one of those that I can wear and nurse the baby somewhat discreetly. Wish me luck!

Gotta go be a mommy right now - in my P.J. Salvage pajama pants. Bye.


Ali said...

New baby and sew-your-own-clothes really don't go! Be kind to yourself.

Thrift shopping sounds like a great halfway house. I am a shockingly bad shopper, even with clothes all grouped together and in all sizes, so as you can imagine, I never ever ever manage to buy myself any thrift shop clothes. Boo.

Dunlap - that's a great term!

m!les said...

What's a SAHM?

I think clothes and fashion as an industry serve a certain purpose (and could arguably be called "art"), but as a practicality, I've never felt that being thrifty was anything to be ashamed of. My mom is an Über-thrifty shopper, so all of our clothes were expensive years ago (and cheap at purchase). If you like the way you look in the clothes, then that's all that matters.

Good luck! (about discreet nursing)

Candlestring said...

Not ashamed at being thrifty, but a little sheepish at the fact that I'm such a tightwad - even nwo that I don't have to be...
But part of me believes that less money = more creativity.