Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Type what?

According to a link from M!les in the comments to the previous post, there are only three types of people. Once again reminding me "You are unique, just like everyone else." Three types. Is that enough? Heck, sure it is. And I'm glad you readers are understanding and supportive people! Very much so. Thanks for the tea and sympathy.

Angel Jem said to "let everything else go hang" and to that I say, "Hear, hear!" I love to do that. Except my problem is that I have had my house in control on occasion, and now when it's not I painfully know what I'm missing. I have in the past actually had weeks where rooms were never more than a few minutes from tidy, the laundry was caught up, the menus planned. Bliss. Getting there was a bit of work, but maintaining it is easy if you can keep the habit. But it has been ages since I've actually been able to sit back and say, "I'm bored and there's nothing I have to do." I only remember saying that to myself twice. That was when we were moving from our last house and I had to have the place ready to show if the realtor called. I did FlyLady then and I almost completely did it her way, not my usual I'll-do-it-her-way-but-only-the-parts-I-want-to way. She's right, her way works. My way is like yoyo dieting. The house loses ten pounds but gains back fifteen.

Anyway, I bet you'll all back me when I say HEY! I just had a baby ( albeit 2 months ago). And so I will go cuddle her (and my other kids when they wake), and everything else can go hang. I doubt I'll ever say I wish I'd spent more time cleaning the house...

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m!les said...

HEY! You just had a baby. Let everything else go hang.