Sunday, July 15, 2007

Boys, Birthdays, and BOOM (and HP)

First Son and Third Son have their birthdays this week. First Son's is on Tuesday but we had a bit of a party for him today because Dad won't be able to celebrate with him on Tues. Mr. Malaprop made a big breakfast of pancakes, fried potatoes and bacon and then a supper of hotdogs, pasta salad and baked beans - in honor of First Son being almost a teenager. (Gasp.) Last year I made First Son an ice cream cake. This year he has requested Hot Fudge Cake. I didn't get to it today, but will try to pull it off on Tues. even though baking will make the a/c run even more. For gifts he got a set of golf clubs from Dad and from Mom, a trip to the movies to see Harry Potter.

Third Son's big day is Friday. We'll celebrate in the afternoon since First and Second Son and I plan to go to Border's Books for their big Harry Potter party that night. We'll be taking baby Elle, and Mr. Malaprop will stay home with Third Son and Flowergirl. At least, that is the plan for now. Not sure if we'll dress up for the "ball". Too bad little babies don't remember all the stuff they get to do when they're so little and portable. Elle has already been to Veritas training and Godly Play training, and now she gets to go to a midnight party.

Oh, and on the subject of Harry Potter, I did finally read all of The Mystery of Harry Potter by Nancy Brown. I would recommend it for parents who are trying to make the decision whether or not to allow their kids to read the HP stories. I can't say I agree with everything Nancy wrote, but she gives thoughtful, balanced advice and she makes fresh comparisons. Most of my issues are only because I have read the Potter books several times and I am nit-picky that way. It is tough for me to read Nancy's book from the viewpoint of someone unfamiliar with Harry Potter because the stories are already so familiar to me. I don't think the book is meant for someone like me as the target audience, although I can see where some of the discussion questions will be helpful. To me the main appeal of Nancy's writing is that she puts on paper in black and white what common sense already put in my head and heart. Now we just have to wait to see how Rowling's series ends. But whoever decided to publish this book before book 7 came out was one smart cookie. Interest in all things HP is at a fever pitch and Nancy has been granting interviews left and right. Yay for Nancy Brown!

It has been so darn hot here, and not much relief in sight. A few potential thunderstorms in the pm, but days in the 100s are forecast all week. And we could do without the thunderstorms if they are anything like this one that we had awhile back. It has been a long time since I've seen lightning flash at nearly the exact same time I heard the thunder boom, but this storm did that to us. Our neighbor said he thought he saw it hit just a few blocks over. I believe it. I actually heard the lightning crackle and then I jumped in my chair as the BOOM shook the whole house. Flowergirl, who had just gone to bed not 5 minutes earlier, must've been really tired because when I ran to check on her she was sound asleep and unfazed. Later, looking across our backyard, First Son spotted our shade umbrella out in the brambles. This was especially curious because it had been on the upper deck on the other side of the house. All I can figure is that the wind picked it up and blew it over our house and it flew all that way before crash-landing on the hillside. This was quite a trip. If you remember from the photo of the back of our house, the main floor is two stories above the backyard; the umbrella came from another story up on the opposite side of the house. And yes, it did break, but I think I can fix it.

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow - a post about homemade ice cream. Ummmm....

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m!les said...

About the closest I've been to lightning was at a Reunion (I don't recall where exactly). I was walking across the golf course parking lot with a couple other family members and a bolt ripped across the sky seemingly right above our parking lot. That sound came instantly also. Games were postponed for a short bit while the weather passed.