Saturday, July 21, 2007

Love or Insanity? A Harry Potter event

You know I love my kid when I let him take the new Harry Potter book camping with his dad and I haven't even read the first sentence yet.
Voluntary torture.
Think I could offer it up?
Someone tell me the first sentence.

The party was fun, but not as good as the one for the last book. We did each get some stickers, a "book thong" type bookmark, a glowstick, a jelly slug, and a free sample of assorted Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Well, the baby didn't. (Oh, and one free limited edition poster when I bought the book. We were back to the car before I remembered about the posters and luckily they still had some when I dashed back in and begged for one. Should I invest in the 14.99 frame or keep it rolled up?) We ordered butter beer from the cafe and it was terrible. They must've changed their recipe or something because we had some at the last party and the boys loved it. They were really looking forward to tasting it again and it was quite the let-down. I let them buy some bottled root beer later. "Colin Creevy" was all over the place taking real pictures with his camera. He took a photo of Elle as the youngest fan at the party, but I have no idea where those photos are going to end up. As far as I can tell, the local Borders doesn't have its own web page, and there wasn't much in the newspaper.

Some advice: Don't wear new shoes to a midnight release party, even if they are the cutest red ballet/mary jane style flats that match the cherries on your recently made bias cut skirt.
You will get a blister. Your feet will still hurt the next day.
And it's even worse knowing you will wear those shoes again anyway because you like the way they look even if they kill your poor toes. Vanity+frugality+stupidity = ?

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m!les said...

My book came on Saturday (I preordered from Amazon) but I couldn't get to it. So I raced to the post office in hopes of securing the book before they closed and I travelled to Sioux Falls to do wedding stuff, only to discover that I'd have to wait until Monday. Thankfully, I have a gracious fiance who was willing to go pick the book up for me while I was at work today.

Long story short, I do not know the first sentence, either.