Thursday, July 19, 2007

Modem woes

Ok, I know you are all tired of me whining about my lame computers. Had a lightbulb moment earlier today when I realized the reason my modem on my other computer isn't working is probably because of the major lightning strike week before last. Duh.

So I thought I'd buy my new computer at the local store that deals in Apples but Noooo... they don't have any in stock at the moment because the MacBooks have been updated. So too bad and yet good. I also found out that to get the educator's discount I have to buy it online anyway. But the irony there is, in order to buy it online I have to use this dumb computer I'm on right now and it took me ALL DAY to just research the various options. (I still don't know if I should choose a black one or a white one. I think white, and I can make/buy a sleeve for it.) Now granted, the "all day" thing is because I have five kids and other things to do, but it certainly doesn't help when your computer kicks you offline, freezes, and generally moves like cold honey when loading a page full of beautiful pictures of lapbook computers. Agony. I'm going to bed now, tomorrow I will get it done.* And we will all be happier, won't we.

*I will get it done tommorrow if I am home long enough. In the AM we are heading early to Borders to get our numbered wristbands for buying our pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. Then we go to Toys R Annoying to buy Third Son a gift and get him his crown and balloon from the freaky giraffe. Then we pick up the sleeping bags at the cleaners. Then we drop off our books at the library. Then we stop at the mall to ask the people at the embroidery shop how much it would cost to do two baseball caps and three visors. Then it's home to eat and pack the boys for camping. Possibly a trip to Costco for supplies. Then that evening it's back to Borders again for the Hallows Ball and to buy the book at midnight. I hope I make it through all that without a nap.
And now I really am going to bed. TTFN

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m!les said...

Harry Potter AND Apple products? That sounds like heaven. You could also, possibly, order it via phone and still get the educators discount. I'd go with white. Black's more expensive because it's a different color (and it has a little better processor). I have white. Plus it gets hot enough as it is.