Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Mystery of Harry Potter by Nancy Brown

*Edited to add: Karen Edmisten has a nice long review of Nancy's book here, on her blog. I'm glad she took the time to share her feelings about the book. Thanks, Karen.


Just reposting a paragraph that may have been glossed over because it was buried in a previous post:

... and on the subject of Harry Potter, I did finally read all of The Mystery of Harry Potter by Nancy Brown. I would recommend it for parents who are trying to make the decision whether or not to allow their kids to read the HP stories. I can't say I agree with everything Nancy wrote, but she gives thoughtful, balanced advice and she makes fresh comparisons. Most of my issues are only because I have read the Potter books several times and I am nit-picky that way. It is tough for me to read Nancy's book from the viewpoint of someone unfamiliar with Harry Potter because the stories are already so familiar to me. I don't think the book is meant for someone like me as the target audience, although I can see where some of the discussion questions will be helpful. To me the main appeal of Nancy's writing is that she puts on paper in black and white what common sense already put in my head and heart. Now we just have to wait to see how Rowling's series ends. But whoever decided to publish this book before book 7 came out was one smart cookie. Interest in all things HP is at a fever pitch and Nancy has been granting interviews left and right. Yay for Nancy Brown!

The book is an easy yet informative and thought-provoking read. If you are a parent looking for advice and sound reasoning about letting your kids read Harry Potter, Nancy Brown's book will be a valuable resource.

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