Thursday, August 09, 2007

Breakfast, anyone?

Does anyone else think it's creepy that they make the spokesman/mascot for Frosted Mini Wheats cereal an animated piece of the cereal? He's a really cute square of shredded wheat with a face and arms and legs, and he seems to have a witty personality but... aren't we supposed to want to EAT HIM? I actually enjoy Mini Wheats for breakfast often, but I find it discomforting to think of the pieces walking and talking with legs, arms and faces. You can watch some of the commercials here.

Perhaps the original talking cereal is Rice Crispies. But though the cereal itself is supposed to do the talking, they don't animate the little crisp puffs of rice in the commercials, they use elves. Snap, Crackle and Pop are likely cousins to the Keeblers, those famous cookie bakers. I think there are a few Keebler cookies with the imprint of an elf face on the cookie, but I've never seen anyone actually eat an elf in any of their commercials. And no one actually eats the Cap'n or Lucky or Tony, either. Yet we are expected to eat Mr. Mini Wheat - who, by the way, is now sporting a "tan" because he comes in the new cinnamon flavor. He actually offers to show the human mom in the commercial his tan line. Thank goodness she passes on that.

Yes, I watch too much tv.


m!les said...

I think they should do a commercial where a child actually begins to consume the Mr. Mini Wheat.

I would imagine the mini wheat to scream and curse in pain, frosted blood oozing out. The kid would recoil in horror, and then mom would usher her child out of the room. The other mini wheats would come out of the box to help their friends, and one particularly old and frosting-less mini wheat would declare, "There's precious little we can do for him now." His wife calms him down by tell him that it'll all be okay. Then they carry him over to the bowl, where they hold him under the water until he goes soggy in their arms. The same old mini wheat, the leader of their tribe, would use the spoon to push the body away from the edge of the bowl, then turn to his fellow mini wheats and announce, "We lost one of our own today. He must be avenged."

Candlestring said...

Wouldn't that be milk instead of water? And you are sick. But that is a good story. Couldn't you put an elf in there somewhere?