Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh, eBay, the bane of my day, how time has flown.

I have been helping Merry look for a certain game for his Gameboy, specifically Pokemon Fire Red. This game is an older release, and we couldn't even find it new in most of the stores. A used game is apparently as good as new because according to Merry, sometimes a previous owner will leave hard-to-find Pokemon on the game's memory. We did find it at Hastings for $35 but I told him we could probably do better on eBay. This is true, but I foolishly forgot to take into account the fact that when you search eBay for Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green you get a bazillion hits. Naturally all my curious boys started thinking, "What else is on eBay?" And then the fun started.

::sound of doom:: dah dah duuummm

"Mom! Look at this! A trillion Pokemon cards for only half a zillion dollars!"
Me: "Oh."
Kids: "Canwegetumcanwehuhcanwe???"
Me: "Weeellll..."
Kids, spotting weakness: "Yay!"
Me: "Um...which now?"
Kids: "Mahhhmmm!"
Me: "Show me and I'll think about it."
Kids, smelling victory: "Yay! Yay! Mom rocks! Mom is cool! We love Mom!"
Well, not exactly, but they were pleased - with themselves. They know it comes out of their allowances, so Mom's not that cool. But she is the one over 18 with the credit card and the eBay and PayPal accounts, so Mom is respected at least in that regard. And I must say they hug and kiss me for the right reasons, like cooking their food and reading to them and playing with them and doing their laundry, and just for being me, and not because I buy them stuff. I hear legitimate "I love you, Mommy"s a dozen times a day and I try very hard never to take it for granted.

So we went looking for a game and ended up buying cards and a book. Then I had to pop their little shopping balloon and bring them back to earth by telling them "No more! Enough! We will nip this addiction before it even buds! We are looking for Fire Red and that is IT. It is not a bargain to spend $40 on stuff worth $100 if it is not what you were looking for in the first place." Although we did get some good deals. I am not so great at practicing what I preach. Yes, my boys know where my shopping heart lies, and I guess eBay knows it now, too.


m!les said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's especially hard when you're looking for a video game, because there are so many titles for different platforms and different resolutions, and some are Japanese only, and some are dubbed in Dutch, and next thing you know, you spent $300 buying the exact same thing, labeled differently, in sixteen different languages.


Marjorie said...

Too funny! We just went through the joy/trauma of ebay aquiring a Star Wars Lego Boba Fett minifig with blaster for Pippin my 6old. It sounded like such a good idea and it turned into a new obsession for my hobbit. Ac