Monday, August 20, 2007

Fire and Water

Sorry, no pictures of today's fun. I forgot my camera! Gasp.
We spent the day at a waterslide park. Lots of cheer for all. It was a homeschool day at the park with a break on the entrance fee for our group. Because of the cooler, windy, smokey weather there weren't many other people there and there were always plenty of tubes and no lines to speak of. The weather did warm up later in the afternoon, but the water was cold. Flowergirl had a meltdown when it was time to leave - she was having such a good time in the Tad Pool. I told her we could come back on another day, and she seemed to be satisfied with that and let me get her into the suburban, but later when we pulled into our driveway at home she freaked. "No! No! No!" I guess she thought we were just going to drive around and then go back. Poor kid. She was impossible to live with for about an hour, wouldn't take off her swimming suit, finally got her into a diaper but wouldn't eat supper or put on her pjs... and Mr. Malaprop and I had to go to a baptism class at church. We left her in Frodo's care and she did sit and eat but fell asleep with just her diaper, minutes after eating, Frodo said. I carried her to bed when we got home from our class and she was out like a light. I knew it.

As for the fire part of my title today, there are more fires again close to town. The air quality is as bad as smog with all this smoke. The wind helps blow the smoke away so it wasn't too bad at the water park, but that breeze sure didn't help the firefighters any. A residential suburb on the east side of town has a huge fire going, and two homes have been lost. We almost bought a home there when we were moving to this town, but many of those homes couldn't find water with their wells, and having just moved from a home with well problems we didn't want to deal with that again. Now we are happy to live in a home with a fire hydrant close by.


Ali said...

Sounds fun! Not the tantrum or fires part obviously...

m!les said...

Tad Pool! Ha!