Monday, August 06, 2007


I knew if I blogged about it, something would happen regarding my Harry Potter book. Well, the FedEx guy dropped off a box today and lo and behold, addressed to "Mr. Malaprop and boys" were three copies of Deathly Hallows from Uncle X. I think I was explicitly left out. Huh. One copy seems to be our original, and the other two were packaged in a bag with a receipt from the bookstore. I have talked it over with the kids and we have decided to return at least one if not both of the new ones. Have not decided what to do with the money yet. I will ask the boys if they think we should send it back to Uncle X or spend it on something else.

Will you help us decide? Any opinions? Do you want to hear the whole story, or should I just let it go? Actually, I have been trying to let it go. Time is good for me that way.

Dear Lord,
May I always be given the time I need to cool down.
Please help me keep my foot out of my mouth for the right reasons, humility and forgiveness - not pride.
Thank you.


Ali said...


m!les said...

I'd keep the money. Use it to buy some MacBook accessories, or treat the kids to a taffy pull or something. (I don't know what kids like these days.)

Nancy C. Brown said...

I think you should keep the books, send a nice thank you note to Uncle X, and after you've all read them, donate two of them to your local library.

That way, Uncle X is happy because he's helped everyone read the book, and you're happy because you don't have to tell him you don't need three copies.

And your library is happy because they get two more copies of a very popular book.

Candlestring said...

Donating the books is a good idea, but since my library already has 20 copies and 67 people on the waiting list that works out to only about 3 people per book, which isn't really too bad. I'm pretty sure if we donate the books to the library they will simply end up in the Friends of the Library sale. I already donate to Friends, so that doesn't appeal to me.
But we will send the thank you card to Uncle X.