Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lesson planning for hobbits

Not only am I struggling with meals, I have to plan lessons for our school year, too. Thankfully, having taught First Son (henceforth to be referred to as Frodo* - see sidebar) since second grade, I already have most of what I need. But we are switching Frodo to more of a packaged curriculum this year and that order has not been placed yet.

Where has the summer gone?

*I've decided to change First, Second and Third sons' names here on the blog to Frodo, Merry and Pippen because they have always been nearly as hairy as hobbits and all my kids have big feet :) I remember when Pippen was about two and the curls he had... Pippen was the youngest hobbit in the Fellowship of LOTR but played his part well, Merry was next youngest but bravely helped Eowyn kill the leader of the Nazgul, and of course Frodo had the heaviest load. Sorry to leave Sam out but I don't have enough boys and the name Sam doesn't sound as inherently hobbitish as the other names do.

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m!les said...

Sam is a normal sounding name, but Samwise sounds more hobbitish. But then you'd need to say Meriadoc instead of Merry. And Peregrin instead of Pippen. Ai!