Sunday, August 05, 2007


FINALLY ordered my new computer. Got a white one with extra memory and bigger hard drive. Am also getting an iPod ($50 after rebate) and a printer ($50 after rebate). Had the iPod engraved (free). Hope I don't regret that. I figure I'm paying for the printer and iPod with the $100 savings they gave me for being a homeschooler. The webpage says college students get an iPod, but then later it says anyone qualifying for the education discount can apply.

The credit card company called to confirm the large purchase. We hardly ever (never?) charge that much at one go, so Mr. Malaprop had to tell them that yes, his wife had indeed gone crazy at the Apple store and it was ok. Kinda nice to know they are keeping an eye out for fraud, even though it is a bit Big Brotherish. After seeing one of those news shows on TV about identity theft/credit card fraud, it's nice to know someone seems to be paying attention at the company we use. On the TV show thieves maxed the "fake" accounts sometimes in less than two minutes. Yikes.

I hope I like the laptop as much as I think I will.


Nancy C. Brown said...

Congrats! I hope you love it too. I have a laptop and the portablility is nice.

m!les said...

Congrats! Resist the urge to spend more time with the laptop than your baby. I know that I had that problem.