Thursday, August 23, 2007

New word

I learned a new UK word today to go along with my huge vocabulary of bobby, rubber, pram, boot and bonnet, flat, jumper, and biscuits.

Babygro. Apparently babygro is a brand name for what I would call a sleeper. Kind of like calling a photocopy a Xerox, or a facial tissue a Kleenex. I did see a photo of a Babygro item that looked like a onesie, but in general it seems to be a one-piece garment with feet.

Today the weather is cooler here and Elle wore a babygro all day.

And yes, I do know some other English terms. I've read both Beatrix Potter and Harry Potter, after all. :) Not to mention JRRT and CS Lewis. For example, how about having elevenses in the garden? Sounds so much nicer than having a snack in the yard, doesn't it?
And because I'm trying to post more pictures, here is a hatbox covered in what I imagine to be English roses*:

*They aren't really, I just like to imagine them that way.


dottycookie said...

Well, of course, all the roses here in my English garden look like that. At least, they do if you look past the big holes where something has been chewing on the leaves, and ignore the fact that 3 weeks of non stop rain has left them rather battered.

Still, it's sunny today, and it's a holiday, so we are happy!

m!les said...

I like to use "advert", "snog", "blimey", "mobile", "placard", and "flat" amongst other Britishisms. I get mine a bit from Harry Potter, CS Lewis, and the like, and partly from British telly.