Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School and Life

Tomorrow is "Not Back to School Day". The Catholic schools started a week ago, but the public schools start tomorrow. The homeschoolers, on the other hand, are going to the lake. It is a celebration of independence and freedom. There will be lots of families there, and lots of tables of information and sign-ups for activities like music, art and theater. And there is a nice sandy beach and a playground. It will not look at all like a traditional classroom, but there will also be learning.

The post linked in the title is from Blaire Peter at Wise Craft. It's her answers to some of the same questions I've been thinking about. I'm pondering the rhythm of our summer days and how that will change or not change once we start school again. I'm hoping I can teach better this year than I did last year, when I was pregnant and trying to keep a toddler out of trouble. This year I'll be teaching Kindergarten, Third Grade and Eighth Grade. Also a bit of Preschool. I'm not sure how I'll do it, so wish me luck! But really, I could teach the Pre-K, K and 3rd in shifts since each one will only take about 2 hours to complete their core lessons. It is amazing how much time you save when the kids don't have to wait in line for the water fountain, ask permission to go to the bathroom, raise their hands to answer or ask a question, wait for twenty other kids to get a turn, listen to explanations when they already "get it", or "take one and pass the rest". And the older kids will actually help me teach the littles, and we will all learn together that way. I hope.

I must admit that some days it is tempting to just pack them up and ship them all off to school for someone else to worry about. But then I think about how much we all love being home together, and how wonderful it is to let them keep more of their own time for just being kids. It's hardest in the fall because I remember how much I always loved going back to school and getting a new teacher and new shoes and new school supplies. But round about Christmas is when I really appreciate the flexibility of teaching at home. The only reason I ever wanted to go back to school after Christmas was to find out from my friends what they all got for Christmas presents. It was all a countdown from there.

If I can just get that ol' ball rolling I'm sure we'll do fine this year.

Someone give me a shove.


Ali said...

Love the thought of 'not back to school' day! You'll do just brilliantly I'm sure.

Gretchen said...

I miss homeschooling. I had to send my daughter back to public school after I got too ill to teach her properly.

m!les said...