Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I ate tonight

To kick off this series of meal planning/recipe book sharing/wishful thinking posts, I will be going over a few of my what-I-cook-when-I-don't-know-what-to-cook-which-is-every-night-almost recipes. Tonight's was the ever popular "Something in a Tortilla". I poached some chicken breasts and got out the tortillas, cheese, sour cream etc. and everyone had theirs the way they wanted it. For mine I spread a layer of sour cream on the flour tortilla, radomly placed some bits of shredded chicken, threw on a handful of mixed greens (mesclun) and topped it off with chunked cucumber. Here it is before I peppered it and rolled it up:

I am not a big salad eater*, but once it was rolled the whole thing was delish. Usually our tortilla concoctions are not so green. Most often it is ground beef and cheese, or leftover steak and cheese, or just cheese. Some of us use salsa. Then I just put a bowl of carrots or snap peas on the table and hope at a semblance of a balanced meal. "Something in a Tortilla" happens at least once a week, sometimes also for lunch. I have a waffle maker that reverses to a sandwich press and sometimes use it to make quesadillas. It is a wonderful way to use leftovers.

*Because I BFeed my baby, I have extra reason to not eat lettuce - it makes her spit up.

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m!les said...

We do "Some Kind of Totino's Pizza" nights. Maybe not as frequently as once a week, but it's a good go-to meal.