Friday, September 28, 2007

Birthday, sweet

(Marshmallow fingers in the dark.)

My second child turned nine today. The last year of a single digit age. I took a look at him with fresh eyes and saw a boy so sweet, so loving, but with that bit of imp that is the snips, snails, puppy dog tails that every proper boy has in him. Everyone loves this kid. How did the child get to be a youth so suddenly? I won't say he is blooming because that is too flowery and girlish, but perhaps I could compare him to a sapling. He is taller and stronger every day, and wiser. I am so proud of him yet I'm sad too; my cuddler is growing up. Where is my goose-hair baby? I miss him, but I am so excited to see who he is becoming.

Because we were on the road today, we will do our real celebrating tomorrow. Fun food, shopping, and cake! Yay!

Happy Birthday, Merry/Samwise. I love you dearly and truly.


dottycookie said...

Happy birthday Merry - hope it's been a lovely one!

Laney said...

Happy Birthday! A very sweet tribute.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm having this comment dictated to me by phone! Bigbucketgirl has had worms since September the 7th and can't email or blog AT ALL. She has no internet access whatsoever and is down in the dumps. Obviously it's the computer that has worms!, but still it's making her quite blue. It's also making her wake at 3am crying out in despair that she has obligations that she hasn't been able to sort thanking you over and over for the fantastic swap parcel. She is overwhelmed by your generosity and has a whole post dedicated to thanking you...when the worms have gone!
Bigbucketgirls friend! Sarah

m!les said...

Happy Birthday!