Friday, September 28, 2007

Gorilla or monkey?

Is it that giant animal in the room that everyone is ignoring, or is it that pesky smaller animal riding around on my back? Something is making me sneeze. I think it's an allergy to stress.

I'm not going to give details just yet, but suffice it to say we have spent the last two days house shopping in another town and I'm not keen at all on the idea of moving AGAIN, especially not to this place... but what's a girl to do? What I did was to teach myself to knit continental style, and in addition to being much easier for me to do than all that yarn-over business of the English style (sorry, but it's true) the knitting has given me something to keep my hands busy while my mind clicks its gears. I watched some online knitting tutorials Weds. night and by Thursday afternoon I had the beginnings of an ugly scarf in my hands. Some yarn I've had forever and some giant bamboo needles were the supplies nearest at hand. That was fine for practice, but luckily I had brought some nice yarn and some smaller needles on our trip and so last night I started a prettier scarf. I'll try to update with a picture tomorrow. I'm still working on keeping the tension even, but it doesn't look too bad - knit, purl, knit, purl, house, purl, knit, moving, knit, packing, knit, frown, projects, purl, knit, worry.........
I feel like I have to keep my hands busy. Crochet and embroidery are on the list. My blank books and pencils and floss and hooks and needles are all happily being toted around in my new bag from DottyCookie. At least something is making me smile. I'm not going into depression or anything, but moving is always such a weight for me even when I do look forward to the adventure of it.


dottycookie said...

Ugh, you have my sympathy. A friend asked the other day if we were planning to stay put in our house or move somewhere bigger, and I had to bite my tongue to avoid saying "Are you quite mad?!"

m!les said...

I, too, find moving to be a quite disagreeable ordeal. As a result, I've been commuting to another town for work for a year now, rather than move to that town. Parts of it, also, are having my fiance in the town I live, and with wedding plans, it's easier if we're close by for that stuff.