Saturday, September 22, 2007

Klutz books

How much do we love Klutz in this house? Quite a bit. I can't say we own dozens of their books or anything, but the ones we have we really like. We do own at least 5, including the juggling book, the ball book, the clay book, the big bubble book, and the foxtail book. If you don't know Klutz products, check them out (post title is a link). If you sign up to become a Klutz Insider, you get 25% off your first purchase from their website.

In the mail I got a 50% coupon to Michael's Arts and Crafts and I am going to use it to buy the Klutz Twirled Paper book, which is about quilling. I've always wanted to try that, and I think the kids will like it, too.

Any of you know how to quill?

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m!les said...

I do not. I assumed that it was a calligraphic art, but it appears to be a paper folding and rolling art. Is this true?