Monday, September 17, 2007

Loving my iPod lately

"Craftsanity, my friends. It works for me."
If you are interested in crafters and their stories, click the title and check out her podcasts. She interviews all kinds of people. Today I enjoyed the second episode, an interview of the "52 Projects" guy Jeffrey Yamaguchi, and episode six of comedy song singer/writer Deirdre Flint. The Cheeleader Song is too funny. Almost sad (as in shake your head sad) but funny. And The Boob Fairy Song. 'Nuf said.

I also really liked the interviews of Amy Karol (Angry Chicken), Carol Duvall, and Jessica Vitcus. Obviously I haven't listened to them all.


m!les said...

I listen to/watch podcasts like This Week in Tech (TWiT), This Week in Media (TWiM), Coverville, MacBreak Weekly, and Newsbleep ( to name a few. I'm not much of a crafts person, myself.

Candlestring said...

I have Newsbleep and Musebleep on mine, just so's you know! I'm your biggest fan, man.