Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make a bag from bags!

This is totally cool and I can see loads of applications for using "fabric" from those ubiquitous plastic shopping bags. Not as lovely as real cloth, but some things you don't want pretty, you want durable or funky.

I have fewer bags now that I shop more at Costco. Probably the best thing about warehouse stores is that they don't give you those bags, they reuse cardboard boxes. Then again, my garage is now full of cardboard and the cardboard recycle place is on the other side of town... It isn't on the way to anywhere we go and so would require a special trip, thus using gas and creating polution. Which is worse: throwing the boxes in the trash or wasting gas by taking them to be recycled? Much cardboard does eventually biodegrade, doesn't it? Hmm...
Perhaps I'll add another $10 to our monthly bills and hire the guy who drives around on trash day collecting the recycling for people too busy or lazy to take it somewhere themselves. The city did recently give us a garbage can for yard waste, but they don't do recycling yet. The recycle guy already comes to our next-door neighbor's house so it would be handy for him too.

I haven't figured our carbon footprint yet. Have you figured yours?

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m!les said...

I'm not sure what mine is. I would hope that a person of one would have a smaller footprint then a family of your size, but I'm not willing to bet that I do that good of job being conscientious.