Monday, September 17, 2007

New books

I just got three Japanese sewing books: Girly Style Wardrobe, For Sweet Baby, and Handmade Zakka le duvet doux. I would be happy to tell you about them if anyone out there is interested. Most of you that I know read this blog have older children, or no children, or boy children, or you do not sew, and so these books may not hold much interest for you. They are full of baby stuff and girl clothes, with some tote bags, softies, and a bath mat thrown in. But crafting and sewing books from Japan are a hot trend these days, and sometimes not so easy to come by. I am thrilled to have these and I'd be happy to pass on any info if I'm able.

You can bet I'll be showing pictures after I make some of this stuff. The directions are all in Japanese, but I'm sure I can follow the illustrations. First on my list: baby bibs and shoes for Elle, and then a pinafore for Flowergirl.

In a few days Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol will arrive from Amazon, as will Designs for Living and Learning: Early Childhood Environments by Debbie Curtis and Margie Carter. I really love that second one and decided it's about time for me to own my own copy. So I bought it. Duh.


Ali said...

Look forward to the sewn goodies appearing. And I'm sure you'll love the Amy Karol book - it's fab.

m!les said...

Japanese sewing books? Do they have strange / new techniques? Or do you just like a good language challenge?