Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sing and Swap

I got it finished and mailed on time. One not-too-big tote made by me, filled with back-to-school stuff for Big Bucket Girl. I got it finished, despite having made the mistake of choosing a pattern with a round bottom. I never did get all the puckers out :( But I filled it up and sent it off with a blank book and various other items for a mom to enjoy. What do they offer at the school of mom? : art class, break time, and home ec. *heehee*

On a slightly related note -
Have you ever heard A Parent's Home Companion CD by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer?

One song is called

It's Better Than that
(Lou and Peter Berryman)

I got a flash for you kids who think adults are lucky,
Own their own cars 'n everything's just ducky
Goin' to bed whenever they want to
If that's what you think I got a flash for you..

It's better than that.
Take Saturday and multiply it
Times fifty-four, and add thirty more
It's better than that.

The whole song is here.

(They also have this other song on the same album - I find it completely hilarious: Daughters of Feminists
by Nancy White [no relation to Nancy Brown, haha] but I digress. )

M!les, if you're reading this - a blog/craft swap is not a swap meet. A swap meet is more like a flea market. A blog swap is like drawing names for Advent Angels or Secret Santas or any other kind of gift exchange. The swap usually has a theme, and if you want to participate you put your name and address into "the hat" of the host blogger and they pair them up and each person makes a gift for another participant. It may be reciprocal ( blogger A has blogger B and B has A) or random (A has X, B has A, X has C, etc.) This swap was for a blank book and a tote bag and whatever else you wanted to add. The blog coordinator was fridayprize. I had Big Bucket Girl to send a gift to, and DottyCookie had me. I hope BBG will post pics when she gets hers because I didn't manage to take any decent ones. I might post them anyway, but they're the "here's a hint" type and don't really show anything. I can't wait to take pics of the one I get from DottyCookie. Most of the presents in my married life* have been things I've purchased for myself, sometimes on the suggestion of Mr. Malaprop, but I have to do the actual shopping. So I am doubly exicted that someone who doesn't even know me except through my blog is sending me a gift!

*Though my female relatives do a good job of spoiling me sometimes. My bestest cousin gave me a flannel nightgown and an Anne of Green Gables ornament this summer, and a sister gave me a mug, and another sister gave me a dozen roses among many other thoughtful items. And my mother gives me quilted things, and ... come to think of it, I'm probably leaving someone out... so, ok, nevermind my whining! But I'm still thrilled to be part of the swap.

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m!les said...

Thank you for the explanation of the blog/craft swap. I learn a lot reading your blog. I don't often read blogs about: sewing, swaps, recipes, or home schooling, to name a few of your topics. It's very interesting, plus, I can put a voice to the text!