Sunday, September 16, 2007


I will try to post pictures SOON. I'm not happy with the ones I first took but they might have to do. Something was wrong with the lighting (it was noon) and outdoor pics were too shady or too glaring, and indoor were too dark or I had to use the flash, etc. blah blah. I'm sure all you digital users of point and shoots know what I'm talking about. BUT- just want DottyCookie to know I got the package Saturday and everything is SPLENDID and wizard, and the children are quite happy also. Very nice. Thank you, thank you. I've been smiling extra these two days :D
Happy dance!
Oh, and the moo card. My first. More happiness!

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dottycookie said...

Oh thank goodness. I was so worried about it all - somehow nothing turned out like I thought it would in my head so I was a bit ... you know? And then I packed everything up and it all got really heavy so I took things out and fiddled around. Anyway, I hope the bag is not too big and the strap flipping round thing is not too annoying. I have some pictures I'll put up too now I know you've got it.