Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Deep subject.

I really haven't anything to say, but I feel like I ought to post because it has been a few days and I don't want to lag.
Homeschool is off to a slow start. We're missing a few of our books (arriving by UPS Thurs.), and we're missing motivation. New pencils hold no allure for my boys. Pippen is the only one remotely interested in school because he has started Kindergarten this year. But the learning to write thing holds no charms for him. Even the new Pokemon pencils he got as a special gift do not make him want to write. He does, however, want to learn to read. And to play the piano. I had to smile when he told me, "Mom, you can teach me to play the piano today. OK?" The way he said it, I think he thought he could learn it in one lesson. Oh, if only. He was the same way about reading. I'm glad he has such confidence in himself and his teacher! Can you imagine? Like John Travolta in Phenomenon...

I told the kids if we get up and start school by 8:30 for 21 days in a row (weekends off) we will reward ourselves with some kind of treat. Not sure what that will be, but they put up a sticker chart and sounded happy about having a challenge. The reward suggestions so far are Dairy Queen, the arcade at the mall, or a movie at the theater. I thought the movie would get the most votes, but the boys didn't want to choose that option until they know which movies will be showing in a month.

The rooms of the house have been in chaos. We've been moving furniture, moving Frodo to his own room (formerly the guest room) and generally trying to organize things. The way I usually organize is first by dis-organizing. It usually looks great in the end, but while I'm in the midst of sorting, piling, filing, flinging - let's just say it's a mess. Plain and simple mess. There's an oxymoron for you.

I read Bunnicula Strikes Again! yesterday. My sister's kids used to read those stories when they were young. Her oldest is 26, I think. Actually, they had the first book on tape. When I read Bunnicula a few years ago I found out that the character of Chester the cat is named for GK Chesterton, and I was sold. I think the humor in this last book is the best so far, keeping in mind these are books for kids about a vegetarian-vampire bunny. (Some parents would not want their kids reading this stuff. Some parents want to deny the existence of unusual creatures, even unicorns. Well, you know. They have the right. Vampire rabbits might scare some people.) I can't quite put my finger on it, but in some way the stories remind me of Calvin and Hobbes. Or maybe it's Looney Tunes. I guess it's the way it appeals to kids and adults equally but on different levels. Not that Bunnicula is as thought-provoking as C and H, the greatest cartoon after Peanuts. Bunnicula is definitely a light read, but fun.

And for not having anything to say, I think I've said enough.

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m!les said...

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! I now get to read them online at comics.com.