Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day

When we lived in South Dakota this day was called Native American Day. But here in MT it is still a holiday for a guy who didn't really explore what we now call the United States. We didn't exactly take the day off, but we did have an easier school day with some internet research of Columbus, a little Columbus dictation from Christ and the Americas, and glittering and Mod Podging our new rosary hangers so they'd be nice and sparkly and shiny. The house still smells of Mod Podge, even after having Indian tacos for supper.

I wanted to go shopping, but it just didn't happen. So much for my 50% off at Michael's. Not that I need anything. Instead I waited around for the sprinkler guys to come with their super air compressor and blow out the lines, but they never showed. Grr. Maybe they were on holiday? They only have a secretary in the mornings, so by the time I started to wonder where the heck they were it was too late to call them. Maybe when they told me Monday they meant Tuesday? Well, the boys are being taken to the dentist in the morning, so I hope they don't show up then! I do have to admit I checked the mailbox twice today before remembering the mail doesn't come on Columbus Day, either. Duh.

Photos tomorrow. Really!

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m!les said...

When I was in school, we got that day off from class. But joining the work force, we weren't that lucky. Even though our office is in South Dakota, the head office is in California, and they couldn't care less what kind of holiday it is.