Thursday, October 11, 2007

Indecision: Today's top 5

1.) Will it be better or is it not worth it? I'm working on a new project. I've got two weeks to decide about it.

2.) Just read a post about Thanksgiving being SIX WEEKS away. Put like that, it sounds too soon. Thanksgiving isn't what scares me, it's the day after and what that brings... I am not remotely ready for even the idea of Christmas shopping. I wonder if I can get my act together and actually make some nice gifts this year. And will this be the year I return to the Christmas card tradition? I've opted out in recent years.

3.) Family photos. Professional worth the cost? High end or Sears? Will I regret not having them when the kids are grown?

4.) Photo albums. What do I do with all these digitals? When will I find time to print them and get them into books?

5.) Fix up the house before (if) we sell it, or take a big loss on the asking price? Some people won't even make an offer if it isn't fixed, and some won't if it is because then it'll be too expensive for them.

Mostly I'm just wondering out loud here. Thanks for listening.


dottycookie said...

We spent 5 years working in the US in the 90s, and I have very fond memories of Thanksgiving - both the holiday itself and the delay ot placed on the rundown to Christmas. Here, there's nothing in the way (Halloween is not hugely popular) and the shops are already stocking Christmas goodies ...

m!les said...

My mom does a Christmas card every four years or so, and gets it out a year late or so. But, I'm not sure where I fall on the Christmas Card thing. I'm pretty good at updating my blog, and Holli has a blog, so there's not much to share with people unless they don't have the Internet.