Saturday, October 06, 2007


Yup. We got some though it was mostly a dusting. Thankfully, except in a few shady spots, it all melted away by mid-day. And even the lingering bits were small and slushy. It rained much of the night last night. Soccer was cancelled, however, probaby due to the soggy fields more than the snow, so I had a house full of rowdy boys all day. Between wrestle matches (or wrassling, as Mr. M calls it) they took turns on the computer and gameboy and ate pizza and cookies, and watched Red Green. Flowergirl "washed" dishes and played Play Doh and painted. I have no idea what I actually did today besides going from one kid to another. I did manage a short walk around the block with Mr. M.
I think the baby is teething. She hasn't been sleeping well and wants to be held most of the time. My back is complaining.
I'm going to bed. Someone out there do something creative for me, because I want to but I'm just worn out tonight. Guess I could knit a little...
Good night.


dottycookie said...

Hope you managed to get a rest - I remember being like the walking dead when my little ones were that small. I have no clue how you do it with lots of other children too!

Ali said...

Snow! Wowzers.

And every summer, I forget the exhaustion caused by keeping energetic little people amused indoors. Hope your back can take it.

m!les said...

On October 6 I took some photographs of puppies, and I posted about it. That was kind of creative.

We haven't seen snow, yet.