Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trying a new thing

Ok, here's the deal. Something about this blog o' mine hasn't been feeling quite right, so I've decided to see if maybe splitting things up will work better for me. I started a new blog on TypePad for my artsy/crafty stuff, and Boogers Don't Bounce will remain for the more mundane ramblings that for some reason I still feel compelled to share. Things like: Flowergirl still will not "show me the money" and we'll have to go for another x-ray on Monday if that doesn't change. Change. Haha. Anyway, look for creativity coming up on Stay.See.Make.Do.
Craft Your Life and Make It Good.
I'll be getting a new email address for that, too. And maybe a new Flickr page. I'm hoping this will help me organize my blogging brain a little better. Could be wishful thinking, but we'll see.

We spent part of the day raking leaves and I trimmed a dogwood. One of my neighbors was walking her dog (I think she lets it poo in our yard when we're not looking) and she asked about the branches but I said I was going to use them. Actually, I really was planning on cutting them into lengths and bundling them just for decoration, but she said something about making wreaths. In my craft supply stash I found a wreath form and a paddle of wire, but I decided to make a trip to JoAnn's anyway. Got more wire and two more wire forms, along with Fray Check and some E6000 glue, and a couple of apron patterns for 99cents each. Then I stopped at Papa Murphy's and picked up pizza for supper.

In other news, Frodo and Merry/Samwise are grounded from TV (and gameboy) for the weekend, starting yesterday (Fri). I tell you that so that you will not have to ask me what happens when the kids don't do their schoolwork and instead sit down and start watching a Pokemon movie without permission. In the middle of the afternoon. In case you were wondering. And if that means missing Red Green which is only on here on Saturday night, so be it. Very sad boo hoo. But there was no pouting, and I am proud of them for that. They know they are paying fair consequences. And they still got to have ice cream, so life remains sunny. Except at night. Then it's moony. Have you seen the full moon this week? Wow.

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m!les said...

I've noticed the moon. I'm way behind on your blog, so it was probably several weeks ago, but, man, was that thing ever large and looming.