Monday, October 01, 2007

Whew! Swap news.

Thanks to Big Bucket Girl's friend Sarah, I now know that my swap package did arrive and was even liked! Thank you, Sarah, for the comment on my previous post and if you read this, please pass on my condolences to Big Bucket Girl for her computer woes. How frustrating for her. I was going to email her just to see if the package made it or if I had to try to track it through customs, but according to your info her email doesn't work either so it wouldn't have done any good. At any rate, I'm glad she did get it and I wish a hearty "get well soon" for her computer and her blog, etc. She should not fret but rather have a cup of that huckleberry coffee and hopefully find a tech/vet to get rid of her (computer) worms :) Then again, maybe it's the coffee that wakes her up at 3am. More time on the beach could be called for.

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