Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why is it?

Why is it that just when I want to be blogging the most, crafting, taking photos, baking and all that... why is it that that is when the rest of life decides to speed up and leave no room for blogging?
I've taken time to leave a comment here or there on other blogs, but the beautiful posts I have in my head are not making their way to my keyboard. At least, not tonight. We had a long day with a trip to the library (must blog about our library), a lunch of soft pretzels at the mall (also brought home a bag of day-olds), a trip to soccer practice (which turned out not to be tonight), and a trip to Sears to finally use a gift card given to the baby when she was born (bought two one-piece outfits and a two-piece). Yesterday she had a well-baby check-up and she is getting on wonderfully. I already knew that, but the doctors like to mark it on their charts: 80th percentile! 50th percentile! 75th... yes, yes. But I think she is 100% perfect.

As soon as I catch up on snoozing, I'm going to start FlyLady again. I'll let you know when I get into the swing so you can smirk at the goofy routine I come up with. We're still not sure about selling the house and moving, but the last house we owned I did my FlyLady journal to get it ready to sell and it made things so much easier.


dottycookie said...

I used to do FlyLady - absolutely great system. I really ought to start it up again. I feel the house slipping out of control again.

m!les said...

I'm looking at possibly moving, myself. It's not an easy decision to make. I suppose it's further complicated by having a house. Good luck!