Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ahhh, that's better

I am up to 86 feeds on my bloglines. Taking a few days' break from the computer left me with 158 posts unread, or some such impossible number. I made a start and slogged along for a bit, but then realized how crazy it was, and how long it was going to take me if I actually tried to read them all. I mean, I'd read a few and then that little window would pop up on the bottom and say "1 new post added" or whatever and it was just silly. Like shoveling before it quits snowing. So I checked a few crafty ones, and the ones from you-all who read and comment here, and then I took a big breath and hit that "mark all read" button. It was painful for a minute, I nearly waffled when the little window folded down and said, "Gee, honey, did you really mean to just delete all these potentially brilliant posts? Are you really sure you want to do this?", but seeing the column suddenly become a smaller list without all those bolded names and numbers just somehow made me breathe easier. No more blog names yelling read me. I am no longer behind, and my world will not fall apart because I missed a good idea somewhere. Whew.
And now I might actually be ready to keep up with it all again.
No, not really.


Ali said...

It's not just me then, who views the unread bloglines as an official 'to-do' thing on her list.

dottycookie said...

Bloglines is/are beginning to seriously do my head in. I decided enough was enough when I'd spent an entire evening "catching up" and not achieving ANYTHING myself.

The other day I inadvertently hit a key combination that marked all read. And you know what? The world didn't end. Such freedom!

m!les said...

I live by Mark All As Read. That being said, I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and a large number of them I only read a few odd posts here and then. Personal blogs, always... eventually.