Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gosh Dang It All to Heck, Anyways

I knew it had to be too good to last. Computer-related tragedy has hit the Candlestring household. The MacBook, *my* new MacBook, the one that I contemplated buying for more than a year (more like three) and then spent extra money on for the faster hard drive and more memory and all that... yes, THAT MacBook - is dead. BOOO HOOO :(((
What happened? Well, long story short: Frodo spilled a glass of water on it. While it was open. While it was running (which it promptly ceased to do). He froze. I freaked. Turned it over right away. Yelled for a towel, and a spoon or something to open the battery compartment. Removed the battery and drained the case as best I could. Dashed for my other computer which, thankfully, is still connected to the internet via dial-up, and Googled the problem. Found out I did the right thing and to put it somewhere open and upside down for a week and then... sigh. Then I can try it and see if it works at all or if I have to send it in or what. But even if it does work I should send it in and have it cleaned.
There is more I would like to say about it, but the pain is too fresh. I don't even want to start on the potentially lost photos and the little videos of the baby and all.
I could really use some happy thoughts, so if you have any to share please do leave a comment. Thanks.


dottycookie said...

Argh. Nightmare. Mac support do tend to be pretty helpful though. Poor you - and poor Frodo :-( My smaller one scarred my laptop a while back by running across the power cable when it was charging and yanking the whole caboodle down onto the floor. It's an old machine, so the adapter is a plug in one, and it was wrecked. Fortunately the socket was OK, if dented, and it still works with a new cable. These Macs are built to last!

Nancy C. Brown said...

Oh, Candle, I feel your pain, I really do. You poor thing. This is awful and the one thing every computer used dreads. Especially the photo and video part of it. And the personal writings, and e-mails, and well, that's everything isn't it?

I'm so sorry. But, as someone counseled me after something like it happened, she asked:
Did anyone die?
I had to say, truthfully, NO.

So she says, OK, then, no one died. It can't be that bad, right?

Right. No one died. Go hug your kids, read them a book, and start over again. Take them for a walk, bake them a cake, and sing songs while you're doing it. You'll feel better if you sing.

That's it! That's the cure. Sing. Sing praise to God, sing to the morning, sing to the birds, sing for your beautiful family. Singing will bring your smile back. Heck, sing while you iron. Sing while you clean the floor. Sing while you clean the toilet!

I think you get my message. Excuse me, I have to go sing now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the computer! Wow. But you did the right thing. So that's good. I actually had my phone in my sweats pocket, took them off, put them in the washer together. The phone was on. The washer filled up and was agitating when I realized what I had done. I pulled the phone out, opened it, and took out the battery and the little memory card. I let it sit 3-4 days and it worked and is still working. So yours could too! It was only water, so that's extra good!

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m!les said...

I have a similar disaster earlier this year when I got frustrated at my computer's inablility to wake up (after all, I'm the only one allowed to be lazy in my apartment!) and I slammed it with my fist.

Big Mistake.

I rebooted to find a folder icon with a big "?" on it. You possibly already read that story on my blog, but if you haven't, you can here.

My story has a happy ending and I hope yours does, too. Hang in there!