Thursday, November 29, 2007

High dollar repair

Well, the bad news is: It will cost about $800 to get my laptop fixed. This I found out from the friendly neighborhood Mac dealer, over the phone. He said they'd seen it before and my logic board was fried and to be grateful the other stuff seems to be working. So living without a battery is a hardship, but it could've been worse. I don't think I'll be getting it fixed any time soon.

The good news is: I managed to post a little over on Stay.See.Make.Do. I haven't been so great at making my own creativity, but I've been having a small amount of luck copying other people's ideas. Even managed to crank out a couple of these little blank books for Pippen and Flowergirl this afternoon. I used the sewing machine, plain white paper inside, scrapbook Christmas paper for the cover.

And now I must go. I said I was going to take a shower, so by golly - I'd better take my chance while I have it.

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m!les said...

$800! Wow. That's one expensive glass of water. My DVD drive has been acting up on my laptop, but I'm afraid of what it might cost to repair it, and since I have access to at least three other working drives, I think I'll hold off a little while.