Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Just Won't Tidy

If you are tired of hearing me whine, by all means do not read this post. It is just me sighing woefully to myself because it makes me feel better to write it down.

We've been trying to tidy our house, and it just doesn't want to come clean. Here's the deal:

We are moving. In the very.near.future. The only house we remotely liked in/near the destination city is owned by a couple who are actually moving here to where we live now. How strange is that? They are planning to build themselves a house eventually, but need somewhere to live and something to do until then and so they are coming on Tuesday to look at our house and maybe work a swap sort of trade thingy. I'm sure it would end with us giving them money, but maybe not as much as if we did it all the traditional way. Right now their house is overpriced in our opinion because of the inflated market in that area. They want a house that needs some work so that they could flip it, which means turn around and sell it for more money later. This house definitely would work for flipping. We bought it because it needs work but we haven't gotten to any of the big things because we've been busy adding children to the family. This was the year we were going to get busy on the house - mainly the deck, bathrooms and kitchen. But no - instead we have to try to sell it with none of those things done. If we were putting it on the market to show I would require at least two weeks to pack about half our crap and throw out/donate another truckload and clean carpets, stage etc. But I only had four days. And it definitely needs some effort put in just to let them go through the closets and cupboards and all. I've spent a lot of my time picking up but it does not seem to be working. The kids and Mr Malaprop have also pitched in. I feel like I worked all day and only got two closets and the office area slightly better than their normal chaos. There are still piles on my desk, but they are shorter and tidier. I should have weighed my dust rags - is there a craft you can do with collected dust bunnies? Like dryer-lint mache? I think I'm losing my marbles... oh wait, I found some of those when I was cleaning. Oh! I just remembered I also did the laundry room, mostly. I feel better now. That was a big job of sorting clothing for what was too small for one kid and still too big for the other and was it a boy thing that a girl could wear later or was it something I could give away or did it have too many holes in it even for St. Vincent's. (Was that a statement or a question?)

I think what is really bugging me is that A) I usually have a much cleaner house than this and it has been bugging me since before we knew we were moving, and B) the people who are coming to see our place? Their house has been on the market since May and is CLEAN. I know this is because they were on vacation half the time and they have no young kids, but even their garden tools had been all washed and hung each on its own bracket, and they have those little red-hatted gnomes in their yard. And one more thing C) we were the only people to make an offer on their place the whole six months it was listed and I want to know if it was just because the place is over-priced, or is there something we don't know?

If we do end up living there, I think the boys will have to give up team soccer which makes us all very sad. But on the up side, the golf course is only about three blocks away, which will hopefully draw a few relatives to visit us more often.

And that's enough out of me. I should either be cleaning or sleeping. As I'm undecided which to do, I think I'll have some tea and... go to bed.


dottycookie said...

Oh, hugs to you. I sympathise - our house is the same way, and we're not trying to sell. I can imagine how stressful the thought of next week must be.

Our problem is we just have too much stuff. Mostly of the small plastic junky variety.

Nancy C. Brown said...

Oh honey, when can you come over for a nice cup of coffee and some mom-to-mom chatting?

You wanna see mess? Come see my house. We CAN'T move, we have so much stuff and equipment, most of which is now attached to our basement walls, and printers that are so big no moving company would touch them.

And stuff accumulates, and I swear, in closets, stuff breeds. Quietly, but effectively doubling in size every 3-5 months or so.

I have a friend who is in charge right now of cleaning out her parents home of 37 years. Each of the six kids still has stuff there. They have until December 3rd to get out. We are praying for them, so we'll pray for you guys, too.

Keep singing! There's an excellent Sting song for moving out.

I don't really think it's that great of a song, but I sang it to myself each time I moved out of a place.

m!les said...

I don't even want to think of moving, yet. But, I have to get that all figured out before the end of December. I imagine moving a houseful of stuff would be much more work and stress than an apartment of stuff. I hope it all works out for you!