Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MacBook Resurrected!

I couldn't wait a whole week, and so this morning, with trepidation, with fear and trembling, I put the battery back into the MacBook, pushed the button and held my breath. Nothing. The battery was only showing one light so I figured I might as well plug in the power and see what happened. I was waiting for the sound of the Apple chord and not the "blinking file folder of death" as one web page put it. Can you imagine my elation when I heard the lovely tones say to me "tada!" as if to state "I'm an Apple, how could you expect less?"
So my MacBook is back, sans battery power. Won't charge for some reason and is therefore no longer portable. Considering the alternative, I'm not complaining. The first thing I did was back up to CD the photos and little movie files that I hadn't copied yet. Then I did try to call Apple but after waiting 15 minutes only to have the friendly recorded male voice tell me it would be another 15 minutes or longer, I hung up. The baby was crying, for Pete's sake. I guess friendly recorded male voices don't bump you up the queue just because the most beautiful infant around needs a new diaper and your cordless phone's battery is also going dead making the phone beep at you. I'll try again tomorrow.
So far the only other issue is a creaky sort of noise when I touch the click bar.

Thank God for small miracles. Well, for favors anyway.

‘Yes,’ answered Father Brown, ‘I believe in miracles. I believe in man-eating tigers, but I don’t see them running about everywhere. If I want any miracles, I know where to get them.’
-The Miracle of Moon Crescent by GK Chesterton


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dottycookie said...

Yay Mac! This is why I love Apple ...

Anonymous said...

High 5!

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m!les said...

*phew* That was a close one. That's strange about the battery, though. Unfortunately, those aren't too cheap to replace, either. But it's better than losing all your stuff.