Saturday, December 01, 2007

iGhost Town

What is it about the blogosphere on the weekends? You can hear the wind whistling and see the tumbleweeds rolling down the deserted streets of Blogville, and nary a jingle of a silver spur is heard. (I do live in Montana, after all.)

I just wanted to say that. Now I'm off to be too busy to blog. Sorta. Actually, I'm off to make stuff and goof around with my kids. First project? Brunch. Second? An Advent chain. We will make our traditional two weeks purple, one week pink, another purple week, and then twelve days of red and green. Not exactly color-coordinated, but liturgical. But we also might make a second one with the templates from here. Then we can have one chain for removing links, and one for adding them on each day.

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m!les said...

That same ghost town effect goes for podcasts. At least for my podcast collection, they die down toward Friday and Thursday, and then there's a break again until Sunday night.