Thursday, January 24, 2008


Two hundred and seventy-five posts. This feels like a milestone to me. Three hundred is coming up fast - I'm thinking of a give away or a contest or something - to celebrate. But seeing as how posting is so irregular around here lately, we'll just sit on that idea for awhile.

I have so many things I want to share! I made a bunch of gifts for our two goddaughters for Christmas, and I have an anniversary to point out to you, and my kids also received some fun gifts that I think you'll be interested in. And I took pictures. I've also made several fabric purchases lately, and re-discovered some great pieces in my stash.

This whole blogger/typepad/two blogs thing is not working the way I hoped it would, so Boogers Don't Bounce might be moving to the Stay.See.Make.Do. site. I don't know if the membership I have on Typepad allows me to do that, or if I have to upgrade. I don't know if I want to keep this blog or just concentrate on my craftiness.

I think most bloggers I read love to share the pretty side of their lives, but the "real" side, not so much. Unless, of course, they need validation, support, a second opinion, etc. This blog has been full (too full?) of the rambling, and not enough of the joy and creativity and loveliness that I would like to highlight. I hope that if I focus more on the things I really love in my life, like will beget like and life will become even better. But then again, I will still need to vent occasionally, and then where would I go?

I am going to make some decisions over the weekend, and I'll let you know what I come up with. Anyone willing to chime in? What do YOU choose not to tell? How do YOU decide what to write about? And what not?


Ali said...

My own version of 'real' is too dull to spend many blog pages on. Dull dull dull. So I leave it out.

dottycookie said...

I steer clear of controversy, and I don't talk about work, or *really* personal stuff. And like Ali, most days are not that exciting - do you really want to know how many bags of clutter I have got rid of since Jan 1?

Good luck with your decision. I find one blog enough work, let alone two!

Nancy C. Brown said...

I found out that if I brought up a controversial subject, people could post a lot, but they also become quite heated, and often say things they later regret.

After reading Mother Teresa (Come Be My Light) I have been attempting to be more cheerful on my blog. Basically, she's taught me to take the bad stuff that I used to rant about and suck it up. Or as we used to say, offer it up. What's better, spreading frustrations around, or spreading happiness? If I can spread a little happiness, I think that's good.

So, I like your idea of doing more of the beauty, and what makes you feel happy. A small rant here and there is ok, just so long as that doesn't take over.

That's my 2 cents.

Lil D said...

Um, depends. Some of the blogs are a little too perfect. I must admit, one of my favourite blogs is one where the writer is pretty honest about it all.

chumly said...

I try to keep it light and hopefully full of fun.

jaime said...

Hi I love your blog title. I was just searching blogs and I like yours. you sound like a great Mommy :)

When I blog, I mostly complain! Cuz there really is no one to tell me to shut up, right?

m!les said...

My blog posts (on are pretty much all about my life. It's a reporter-style that I've gotten into, if I'm not talking about music. I'd like to expand to include more posts about movies and TV shows, but that'll come in time.

I think the reason that people read my blog EVEN THOUGH it's just about my personal life is either because (1) they are desperate to know everything I do at all moments or (2) they enjoy the narrative I employ. I think with an entertaining narrative, you could write about any subject you want.

Congrats on the upcoming 300!