Monday, March 17, 2008

Another birthday at our house

A very Happy Birthday yesterday to my dear husband Mr. Malaprop.
I was finally able to find a Wii - at Target yesterday morning - so guess what he got for his gift? (Along with golf shoes he bought for himself last week.) He was a good sport about it and said the kids could play it any time if I gave them permission. He's actually pretty good at it himself and we're all having fun. I have to add that yes, the kids got their school work done in record time today. What motivation! Not exactly a Lenten activity, but we will give it up for the Triduum.
Now they've got their eye on buying more games.... but phew! Fifty bucks a pop is rather steep. Guess I knew what I was getting in to, but it doesn't make it easier. Good thing they can afford to buy them with their own money or we'd be eating beans every day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Malaprop! Ooo, golf shoes! I like how that sounds. Only serious people buy golf shoes.

What's the Paint Your Wagon connection? A celebration? I'm a little slow on that one.

Candlestring said...

I just stuck that Paint Your Wagon on there because I was talking about eating beans to budget for Wii games. So I thought of the song Can O' Beans and put it on there- because I could.

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Mr Malaprop! I have only three words for you - Super Mario Galaxieeeeees!

m!les said...

Happy Birthday! (much belated, regrettably)