Thursday, March 06, 2008

Like it knows.

Usually I really like the auto-thingummy that helps fill in the blanks for you in online forms. You know the thing. Like when you have to type in your email or your url or something and you start to type a letter or two and the little window appears and you can choose what you want from something you've typed in a similar blank before.

Ok, so I just googled it and it's called Auto-Fill. ("Hi. I'm Auto Phil and I'm in the Blank.")

I just think it's funny that it tries to help you save time when you're on the word verification page. As though it can recognize the random string of letters and numbers from something you've entered before. If it could talk it would be all: "What? You're typing XY09TP and not XTo8SW? Are you sure? Because I feel I could really help you out here."

Thanks anyway, Phil.

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m!les said...

I hate it when Phil thinks that he can put my username and password in the right place and ends up signing me up for car insurance.