Friday, May 16, 2008

That was refreshing...

Spring is finally here for certain, and welcome to it. We spent the afternoon at the park yesterday with our homeschool church group. I was too busy gabbing and following the toddler to get a picture of the nearby ducklings, or to even see them myself, but my boys and others were sure excited to see/terrorize them. I hope the little quackers recover from the shock.

We planted some peas and they have finally sprouted. Anyone want to make book on how long it'll be before the rabbits find them? And my poor tomato sprouts have a bad case of damping off. I planted a whole flat (the entire package of seeds) and only need about five of them to pull through. Go, tommies, grow!

Today feels more like summer here with the temp. nearing 80*F. Time for the sprinkler and some ice cream cones.

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m!les said...

Finally, Spring did NOT forget us. Let's just hope that summer does, at least for a bit.