Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Postcard sums up summer

Reeking havoc. Like that one?

Posts are few and far between here, and likely to be sporadic at least for the rest of the summer due to several factors. To mention a few:

We have a big family reunion to attend this summer. My side of the family, not too far away, big gathering, golf tournament. A real tournament with trophies and everything. This was held every year for 20 years and is now only held in even years. Always over the 4th of July. Now that Mr. Malaprop golfs he is rather keen to attend. Stars have aligned and allowed for a week's vacation. Now if I could only find something to wear! My summer wardrobe is sad.

We are moving again. We have lived in this house almost four years, so I guess it's high time.

We have a wedding to attend the same week we close on our new house. A very long day's drive away; at the same time Mr. Malaprop's side of the family is holding their annual summer campout. We plan to divide and conquer for this one, which will likely be tougher on me than the kids.

I still have hopes of getting some schoolwork done. Fun stuff, but still educational. Right now, I'm not seeing it happening, but I'm still hanging on to my list.

So far I have enjoyed the summer, but now home repair, putting the house on the market, and packing most of the household goods into storage is looming. And there's more, but I'm sure you've heard enough for now!


SMR said...

Hang in there, I can't wait to see you if that's any consolation.

Candlestring said...

Thanks, SM~ It does help to know that, and ditto :)

m!les said...

Holli and I will be rocking the reunion as well. Finally, all us Internet friends can pretend to be real friends!