Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo - what?

Is it terrible that we have absolutely zero Halloween decorations up around this house? No one around here seems to care much. The only planning that has been done is Flowergirl expressing the wish to be a princess. As she has said something about being a princess several times a week since she learned to talk, I don't find this seasonally related. Halloween just doesn't seem to be a big deal to any of my kids. Except for the candy part.

We do have one pumpkin we will decorate and/or carve later this week, and we watched the Halloween episode of Max and Ruby. And each year we do spend some time talking about All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. That'll happen in a few days, and then later, yes, we'll dress up and take pictures and trick-or-treat.

It's such a big commercial deal nowadays, and I tend to scale back in inverse proportions compared to the displays in WalMart, etc. (Well, except for Christmas.)

Just wondering what people think. How into Halloween are you?


Holli said...

Not so much now, we've bought candy to hand out (no costumes for us) - but we will be into it when there are kids in our lives I'm sure!

Liane said...

Thank you for your Chesterton tolerance quote and comment. So good!

DblCz said...

Could have skipped it as a kid, could skip it as an adult. My profession helps me get through it.

Miles said...

My biggest devotion to Halloween is the scary movies. I try to watch one or two if I can. This year was the classic Attack of the Body Snatchers.