Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh, mercy me

Why can I not ever learn how to go about works of mercy in the right way? I opened my big mouth again today (actually, my big fat keyboard) and tried to clarify something. I was soundly scolded. So then I tried to apologize for my poor clarification... That didn't work out so well.
At least now I know more than I used to...

I feel like I'm in the fable of the old man, his son, and the donkey.

(I got this from New Advent.)
The traditional enumeration of the corporal works of mercy is as follows:
  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To harbour the harbourless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To ransom the captive;
  • To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy are:

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