Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mad at Blurb

I downloaded Blurb's BookSmart and slurped Boogers Don't Bounce a few months ago. Then I messed with it awhile, decided I didn't like what I'd done, and figured the easiest way to fix everything would be to start from scratch. BookSmart told me there was a new version available and that I really, really should update the program to get a bunch of great new features - so I did. Then I erased Boogers and went to re-slurp it and AAAHHRRRRRG! The new version of BookSmart no longer supports slurping from Blogger. So now I'm worse off than I was. I am hating BookSmart and Blurb right now, and am still without a back-up of this blog. I'm thinking I might just have to resort to printing each post and putting it into a binder or something. Guess I could copy/paste into BookSmart but sheesh. Like I have the time for any of this; I am wondering if it is worth it.

How do you save/back-up your blog, or do you?

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m!les said...

Wordpress has a built-in export / import / backup function in it, but since I manage my own web space, I don't do as frequent backups as I should. I should be backing up the entire web directory (more than just my blog), but I don't do that either.