Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, those bad boys

I knew the quote I wanted was out there somewhere. I just couldn't remember where I'd read it, who'd said it. Was it Jane Austen? Was it in a movie? Sounds like something a Meg Ryan character would say. I tried Google, but in my mind I had replaced "wicked" with plain old "bad". Finally it dawned on me.

Anne-with-an-e had that thing about "bad boys" too.
She did come around in the end, though, didn't she? Yes, she did.

Of course, this is much deeper than that. I don't want to get into it tonight, but really...
It's just a matter of sinning and not sinning, isn't it. Fighting sin or giving in, or only giving in to certain sins...
And isn't that all of us? Even Diana's Fred. But some boys just wear it on their sleeves, so to speak. And I think that is what makes them so dang appealing. It's the fight we're all fighting, but they do it as a rogue, with a sly half-grin and a wink. Swoon.

"’Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I’d like it if he could be wicked and wouldn’t. Now, Fred is hopelessly good.’
‘You’ll have more sense some day, I hope,’ said Marilla."

Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of the Island and Tales of Avonlea)

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DblCz said...

Ha, ha. You've posted about five times since I last made it out here. I'm sitting with a smile on my face. I think it was the Massive Black Hole, or whatever. I think you are totally off your rocker. Did Malaprop give you meds with a little extra somethin' while you were sick?

I'm glad to hear you're as feisty as ever. That's what makes you so lovable. Sending a hug your way and hoping the whole fam has a blessed Christmas.