Monday, December 29, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

1. I finished a book.
2. I let the kids watch as much tv and play as many video games as they wanted.
3. I surfed the web a little.
4. I listened to music.
5. I ate Christmas candy.

How was your day?

We are home taking a breather between seeing my family for Christmas and seeing his for New Year's. That right there almost makes it worth it to live in this Podunk town, the fact that it is close enough to come home in between and get some real sleep in our own beds. And breathe (hence the term "breather"). And hide, a little. (In a house of 43 relatives, there is NOwhere to hide. Not even the bathroom, since someone is always knocking on the door. Not even at night when there are only 14 people sleeping in said house -not everyone is asleep at the same time, it seems. Except when you yourself are, in which case you can't really appreciate the fact that everyone else is also sleeping. And then everyone shows up for breakfast.) After a short but sincere discussion with an adult niece, I am happy to say I am not the only one who feels the need to hide sometimes. Not that it isn't terrific to see everyone, because it is. Yes. Very much so. But large family gatherings for me are best enjoyed in smallish doses, like schnapps. Just a jigger now and again. A Tom and Jerry? Ok. But too much, too many? Um - bad. Enter sarcasm and snide remarks. Enter Mr. Hyde. Enter heavy sighs that Al Gore would be proud of, and headaches and a sore tongue from being bitten too many times. Then enter Mr. Malaprop, the best thing that ever happened to me, to be my personal Calgon distributor and take me away for a few days. Rule of thumb: Leave the day before you think you want to.
There's a clever saying about visitors and visiteds, but I can't remember it. Anyone know what it is? And I don't mean the one about the stinky fish, even if it is true. It's something like "Always leave 'em wanting more." First rule of showbiz, right? And if dealing with family ain't showbiz, I don't know what is.


DblCz said...

On the 5th Day of Christmas:

I finished a book.
I finished the calendars. Then fixed the calendars. Then finished them again.
Went sledding.
Went to Adoration.

We all love a grand gathering, for about ten minutes. Then we want to find a corner. Sometimes corners are not to be had. Look on the bright side, you only have one more large gathering to go.

m!les said...

I can understand that. The Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings that I and my wife have been party to aren't usually as overwhelming as yours, but it can still get to be much.

I don't know what I did the fifth day of Christmas.