Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry, sorta, not really, but kinda

Someone stop the ride, I'm getting dizzy!

I have a new infatuation with Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, and I have posted the widget in my sidebar because I entered a contest. Not that I need the song here - I bought the Twilight soundtrack on iTunes as an early Christmas present. That is allowed because I pretty much buy all my own presents. Not Mr. Malaprop's strong suit. At least I get what I want that way. Sometimes - hee hee.

In other news, I lost six pounds over the weekend. Being sick in bed can do that for you, I guess. Any bets as to how many Christmas cookies it will take me to put it back on? Actually, it's probably just because I'm dehydrated.

Aside: Drinking water will often help a headache because many are brought on by dehydration.

(I'm sorry if the music is not your thing, but please bear with my temporary insanity, if that is what it is. {I might have to start writing fanfic...} If you must turn the music off, just scroll over the video and a control bar will appear.)

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