Friday, December 12, 2008

Twilight, the outtakes

New Moon still isn't available at the library, but I'm on the list.
Meanwhile, I've been entertaining myself at Stephenie Meyer's website reading bits of Twilight that were edited out.

Don't read these unless you've read the book; they're definite spoilers.
But if you liked the book, make sure to read these because they offer a bit of welcome explanation.


I want to take just a second to comment on the whole love/lust thing. I've read a few book reviews that complain that because Edward and Bella haven't known each other long, they cannot have fallen in true love, but rather lust. Teenage hormones, yada yada.
While I can certainly understand this view, and I do agree to some extent, I prefer to suspend my scepticism and just go with how the story is written. The book is 500 pages already without adding years to get to know each other well enough to call it love.
I had the same complaint about Romeo and Juliet, and that story seems to be fairly popular despite their whirlwind romance. Hee hee ;)