Thursday, December 18, 2008

Year end blog swing

Time for my bi-yearly blog-soul-searching post. Navel gazing at its worst. (Except without lint.) You have been warned. RUN while you still can.

"You know, your [blog] swings are kinda giving me whiplash." ~ Bella

Blog swing. That is my term for the weirdness I feel about blogging lately. LOVE it. HATE it. MEH. Whatever. I seem to go from YAY, GO TEAM BLOG to pitch it all out every 27 min. I have come so close to just telling Blogger and Typepad where to stick it and going back to my LBB (life before blogging). And do you know what I think the reason is? My disorganization. It's everywhere - from my sock drawer to my brain. And do you know what I think the answer is? Vitamin D. Seriously. We're all deficient.

I've been reading bits of Boogers and Stay.See. and wondering why they seem so dissatisfying to me. I think I know. They aren't quite true to my personality. At least, not my complete personality, or even my who-I-want-to-be imaginary personality, online or otherwise. Where is the clever sarcasm? Where is the witty repartee? Where is the fun? And that makes them boring at best and unfulfilling at worst. If I believed in astrology I'd say it's the Gemini in me, making me go all blog-bi-polar. Look out. rant rant rant Oh, did I say that out loud?

I don't have an immediate solution for this, and that pisses me off. I'm like Bert on Sesame Street with his paperclip collection, his love of pigeons and oatmeal. Who really likes Bert? (There's even a blog named for it.) How could you like Bert when Ernie is around? Ernie and his drum set, his rubber ducky, his trumpet. Or bugle. Boogie woogie. Bert wears saddle shoes, for Pete's sake. Ernie sings Dance Myself To Sleep. Even his bedtime is hip.

Or to make another analogy, every blog post is like a craft project. Some days I think, "Now that's art I could display right in the living room." Or even, "I could give this to someone as a gift and they would love it." But most days it's, "I painted better than this in Kindergarten" or "I can't get this into the garbage can fast enough." And then I post it anyway because it seems better than nothing.

Which it is. Because blogging ROCKS. Except when it doesn't.

Now excuse me while I go find the vitamins.

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Anonymous said...

Year end blog comment: I really like "reading" your mind so to speak and even though I don't comment often, I look often so don't quit yet! TV