Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, more Twilight.

I got a little carried away in the comments over at Flying Stars, so I thought I'd share my thoughts here, too, since they're long enough to be a post. Apologies to the non-Twilight-interested. Nancy is comparing Twilight with Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean. Very interesting. She had a previous post Twilight vs. Pirates, and promises more to come.


Hmmm. More thinking to do (: I'll just leave a few points off the top of my head. Hope you don't mind if they're not very scholarly.

Firstly, best quote:
Nancy: "That's not a normal life." Priceless.

Secondly, Maureen saying "Twilight is junk food."
I completely agree. But I have to say, I like junk food. Is it good for me? No. But I am sitting here with a bowl of peanut M&Ms as I type. I do plan to enjoy a healthy meal later. But I can't see eating only meat and potatoes and moral fiber all the time. Even though I should.

Thirdly, these are adult books. They are marketed to teens because the main characters are teens, but I would say you should at least be as old as the character Bella (17) to read them. The youngest main character (Jacob) ages significantly in subsequent books, and Edward is really about 100, and even Bella is called "middle-aged" by her mother. These are not books for kids.

Lastly (for now), I want to say that I mostly agree with Nancy, so I hope you understand what I mean when I say that her viewpoint would have more weight if she had read the entire series. I'm not dissing here, I just think her points would be clearer and stronger. Guess I'm playing devil's advocate a bit. I had no trouble understanding why Edward and Bella love/lust each other - at least, I understand it as well as Romeo and Juliet, which is a story I don't like. All the loose ends seem to be tied up in the final book, but if things still aren't clear the "outtakes" on the author's website help, as does "Midnight Sun" which is partially shared as a rough draft due to piracy.


Holli said...

I read Twilight Sunday/Monday. I really enjoyed the story and am borrowing the other books tomorrow. Looking forward to it. I agree, at least with this first book (I assume it gets more mature later on) that it's not for 13 year olds.

But I might not read many of your posts if I fear a spoil coming on, FYI. I don't think you have. But if I don't comment on a post about Twilight, it's probably because I feared the contents. :)

Stacie.Make.Do. said...

I will try to remember to say SPOILER ALERT if I have any in a post, but since it's me, your idea is probably best. I totally understand how much that stinks because I was an idiot and read some of the book reviews on Amazon before I read the other three books, and of course there were spoilers that ruined a few things for me. Then again, some of the books seem to have small spoilers right there on the book cover blurbs. Arg.

I don't plan to post any more about Twilight, but I'm sure I will. Just sayin'.